Broward County Services


Broward County Transit Bus Services:

As of August 8, 2021, Broward County has restored Broward County Transit Bus Services frequency on several routes, and increased service span on others. Some of the routes affected within Pembroke Pines are 2, 5, 7, 8, 16 and the Breeze. For more info, please visit

Broward County Public Schools:

For information, please visit here.  To learn about Broward Schools Pembroke Pines SMART Space please click HERE.

Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) Broward:

 The Broward County Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) provides funding for eligible Municipal Capital Projects (MCPs or projects) to construct new or expanded roadways, bridges, sidewalks, bike paths, and similar transportation elements.  To learn all about MAP Broward, visit  or visit

Broward Bike Map

The Broward MPO Interactive Bike Map is now available! You can use this interactive guide to locate the area in your community you're looking to plan a ride and decide which trails, paths, and bike lanes are right for you depending on your comfort and expertise level. Check out the map and start planning your ride today.  For more info, visit