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Hurricane Preparedness Tips from 2018 Hurricane Town Hall Meeting


Develop a family plan (including pets) for hurricane survival by holding a family meeting and discussing the hazards of hurricanes periodically throughout the year:  Pembroke Pines Prepared

  • Protect your property --Obtain the necessary materials to protect your windows and doors- shutters are a must; Don’t forget to secure the garage door; Identify a safe room with no windows  Hurricane Preparedness
  • Asses for any vulnerability --Check your roof and the structure of your house; Make necessary repairs
    • Inventory your possessions and videotape / photograph your valuables
  • Trim trees and branches and remove coconuts and other yard debris (watch out for power lines) well before a storm is approaching. Thinking ahead, select the right tree for the right place to prevent damage and downed power lines.
  • Protect your pool by adding extra chlorine to prevent contamination, and lower the water no more than two feet - completely draining or lowering the water too much may cause the pool to pop out of the ground
  • Check your generator, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher to make sure they work.
  • Make arrangements to secure your vehicles, boat, or RV --Keep your vehicle insurance policy together with your homeowner’s policy
  • Identify a friend or family member (outside of the area) that will keep information about how you are doing and where to contact you should you decide to evacuate
  • Put together a hurricane survival kit complete with food, supplies and essentials.
  • Review your insurance policies now to ensure you have adequate coverage, or identify the need for additional coverage
  • Determine plans for your pets now --If sheltering, pre-registration may be required hurricane-house-prep