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The hurricane shelters listed here may not all open during a state of emergency. They are opened as needed. If possible, staying with family or friends outside an evacuation zone is your first and best option. Please monitor our website, local television stations or call Broward County at 954-831-4000 for actual shelter openings. Emergency shelters are a service of the Broward County Commission and the Broward County School Board.

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 Pet-Friendly SheltersPetShelter

If you plan on sheltering with your pet, please note that all pet-friendly hurricane shelters are now on a first-come first-served basis.  For an up-to-date list of pet-friendly hurricane shelters in Broward County go to Pet-Friendly. Pets accepted include dogs, cats, domestic birds, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs,  mice and hamsters.  All pets must be in a carrier/crate and all dogs must  have a collar with leash.  Evacuees must show proof of rabies certificate for dogs and cats. Residents should also be prepared to show their pet’s  Broward County Registration Tag.  Evacuees should bring necessary care  supplies for a week such as, supply of food and water, food/water bowls, cat  litter and litter box, medicine, cleaning supplies, etc. 

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