City Manager's Office

City Manager Charles F. Dodge

A municipal employee of the City of Pembroke Pines for over 40 years, Charles F. Dodge was appointed City Manager in 1989, at a time when the community not only began to double in population, but there was also an increase in demand for roads, parks, public safety and schools.

Today, under his management, the City has grown to be Florida’s tenth largest municipality, with over 160,000 residents, and home to the largest municipally-owned Charter School System in Broward County.

Mr. Dodge was hired by the City of Pembroke Pines in 1975 as the City’s first Community Services Director. Under his direction, the first senior citizen center in Broward County was opened in Pembroke Pines. It was also his vision that advanced the development of the City’s 50,000-square-foot Senior Complex which also includes residential apartments for senior citizens.

He has held several department director positions, including Director of Code Enforcement, City Clerk, and Assistant City Manager. In 1998, Mr. Dodge opened the City’s Charter Schools, a school system with four elementary, two middle, and one high school, with a total student population of more than 5,900.


Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, Mr. Dodge has been a resident of Broward County since 1972. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Vincent de Paul Seminary in Boynton Beach, FL. He is married with four children and two grandchildren. Mr. Dodge is the recipient of numerous awards, and a member of various professional and community organizations.