Forms, Requests & Other Applications

For your convenience, here are the most often requested forms. If you need a document not found here, please contact the City Clerk’s Office via email or by calling 954-450-1050.


Homeowner Associations:

You are required by the City to maintain current Property Management and Emergency Contact Information for Board Officers. Please update your HOA contact information on-line, now.

Garage Sale Application:

Residents are permitted by the City to have one garage or yard sale every six months. If you live in a deed restricted community, please check with your homeowner association first as they may not permit this activity. Rules concerning signage etc. may be found on the garage sale application.

All garage sale applications must include proof of residence.

Boards and Committees:

Below is the standard application to serve on a City Board. The supplements pertain only to the Affordable Housing Advisory Board and the Unsafe Structures Board.


Application for At Home Family Day Care:

Read City Code of Ordinances 115.15(D), Family Day Care Home. This code means that an Application For License For Family Home Day Care must be made in accordance with the above code section for all occupied residences in which child care is regularly provided for children from at least two unrelated families and which receives a payment, fee, or grant for any of the children receiving care, whether or not operated for profit.

Lien Search

For a $100 fee, the City will perform a lien search on an individual property that gives you a list of any City debts that may exist on that property, such as utility charges, loans, code issues, etc. You should verify the existence of other debts with Broward County Public Records. Download a Lien Inquiry Form

Local Business Tax Receipt

With few exceptions, every individual, business, or other entity wishing to operate a business in the City of Pembroke Pines must obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt (LBTR). The LBTR is issued annually, and is good for one year from October 1 through September 30, and the cost is determined by the fee schedule. Certain businesses require state-issued permits, prior to the City LBTR being issued.

Download a Local Business Tax Receipt Zoning Application.
Download a Local Business Tax Receipt Zoning Application-RESTRICTED
Affidavit Form
Renewals may be paid online.


Form, Records Disposition Document for Duplicates and OSA Documents