Monthly TTHM Test Results

“The public records contained on this web page include the results of water quality tests conducted by the City at the location and date indicated. In accordance with 40 C.F.R. Section 141.620(d), the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) review all water quality sample results submitted to its office at the end of each calendar quarter and makes a system wide compliance determination based on the average calculation of all tests conducted at each particular location within the monitoring period. This information does not include the quarterly averages utilized by FDOH.”

The information below represents the City’s compilation of monthly Trihalomethane (TTHM) data starting in October 2017. In the coming months, the City will be posting additional monthly TTHM data on our website.


TTHM: (Trihalomethanes)  A group of volatile organic compounds that may be formed during the chlorination of drinking water.

LRAA: (Locational Running Annual Average)
The average of the current quarter’s result along with the results of the previous quarters. This number represents the average over the course of one year.

MP: Monitoring point where TTHM samples are collected.

  • MP1 - 800 NW 217th Terrace
  • MP2 - Fire Station Number #89-13000
  • MP3 - 901 NW 208th Street, Walnut Creek
  • MP5 - 184th Pembroke Road
  • MP8 - 20426 SW 54th PL

Regulatory Limit: acceptable regulatory limit is 80 parts per billion (ppb).

PPB: (parts per billion)  Equivalent of 1 part contaminant per billion parts of water.

Standard: The regulatory level that should not be exceeded. If exceeded, may result in a violation

Monthly Reporting of Trihalomethane Results -
City of Pembroke Pines

Monthly TTHM Test Results: 2021-2022


If you have any questions, please contact the
Utilities Customer Service Office at 954-518-9000.

*The FDEP has reduced the number of TTHM samples required by the city to two because of our consistently low readings at all sample locations.

**Any months not reported were not sampled, per Jacobs.