Pool Credit

New Pool or Pool Repair?

You may be entitled to a credit for a portion of your sewer charges. (The City does not give credit for a partially filled pool or "topping off" a pool).

To request for a pool credit:

Wait until you receive the Utility bill that reflects the high usage. Submit a copy of an invoice from your pool company that shows what work was done on the pool. If you did the work yourself, please submit a copy of supplies/chemicals purchased and include a brief description of the nature of the work that was completed. Be sure to include the following information: the date of repair, dimensions of pool (length x width x depth), approx. gallons it holds and the date that the pool was filled completely. Also include your name, service address, and phone number. Once your request has been reviewed and it has been determined you are due a credit, you will see it on a future bill. (click here for form)

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 954-518-9000

*Remember to remit payment by the due date during this process to avoid any late fees.

Filled Swimming Pool