Development Process

The City of Pembroke Pines has established a development review system (DRC) to ensure development requests are processed in a timely manner and to facilitate communication between applicants and various city staff members who are involved in reviewing the plans.

Planning and Economic Development Department requires applicants to schedule pre-application meetings with a project planner prior to DRC submittal.

DRC Reviewers

DRC disciplines which may review a project include:
Planning (Project Manager)
Fire Prevention Bureau
Broward County Mass Transit
Waste Pro - City Approved Trash Vendor

Environmental Services - Engineering
Florida Power and Light (FPL)
South Broward Drainage District
Central Broward Water Control District

General Submittal Process

Development requests will be submitted online via Pines Web Services - Development HUB.  Applications submitted online will be reviewed for completeness by City staff and an invoice will be generated for payment. The development review process will not begin until the appropriate fees have been paid. Applications should also include a Development HUB Transmittal Form

 Applications that are deemed complete are then distributed to appropriate DRC members the following Tuesday (provided the invoice has been paid). DRC members have 8 days to review the plans from the distribution date. Comments are provided electronically to an applicant the following Wednesday. Resubmission of revised plans may be required depending on the comments received. Projects that need to be resubmitted for DRC staff review will comply with the same submission deadlines as a new submission. There is an additional fee for projects that require more than two (2) DRC reviews.

DRC Site Plan Submission Requirements

Site plan submission requirements vary depending on the complexity and nature of the site plan. Other development applications such as rezonings, plats, land use plan amendments, signs, etc. have separate requirements for submission. Therefore, it is important for potential applicants to meet with the Planning and Economic Development Department staff prior to submission of any development application. Projects must all comply with the City's Land Development Code (Effective April 26, 2021).

Project Status

Information regarding the status of any project in the Development Review Process may be obtained by searching the Development HUB  or by calling the Planning and Economic Development Department at 954-392-2100. In addition, contact information for each DRC reviewer will be provided on each comment sheet for the project.