Mobile Field Force

Civil Disturbances

The history of civil disturbances has demonstrated that the number of lives lost, injuries incurred, and the extent of property damage in any disturbance is directly affected by the quality of the police response. The relationship between the police and the community they serve will be affected by the levels of competency and credibility displayed by the Police Department prior to, during, and after any occurrence of civil unrest.


In order to provide quality service in this response, the department must have an effective plan in place and the officers must be properly trained to carry out the plan. The Pembroke Pines Mobile Field Force Unit is maintained in recognition of the department’s need for a component of officers specifically trained to provide a rapid and professional response to a large scale civil disturbance.

Unit Responsibilities

The Field Force Unit supplements the Operations Bureau in efforts to allow for the peaceful and orderly expression of citizens’ freedom of speech, and allows for the proper balance of the free expression of public sentiment with the peace, tranquility, and good order of the Pembroke Pines community.


In the event of civil unrest, an emergency, or a disaster, our agency will take a proactive approach to ensure that we reduce the chances of loss of life, property damage, and deter any criminal activity. All enforcement activity conducted will be based on real-time intelligence gathered by means of surveillance, investigation, observation, and by the actions of the suspects and associates.