Office of Communications

Public Information OfficerOur Office of Communications encompasses both media relations and social media, and is responsible for providing fast and accurate information to our residents and news media partners. Our primary duties consist of preparing media releases regarding incidents that are of public interest, providing interviews to the news media, responding to public records requests, and disseminating timely and pertinent information on our department's social media platforms.

Public Records Requests

If you would like to make a public records request concerning an incident within the City of Pembroke Pines that involved our agency or officers, you can make a request through our online Request Center.

Public records requests are processed during our normal administrative hours, Monday through Thursday (7:30AM to 6PM).

Public Information Officers

Public Information Officers (PIOs) serve as the primary source of information released by the police department to the news media.  If you are a member of the news media and you have an inquiry regarding any active police scene within the City of Pembroke Pines, you can contact our agency's information desk at 954-431-2200 and ask to speak with a PIO.  

All local news desks have been provided with our PIOs direct contact number.

Any news media inquiries can be sent directly via email.  

Social Media 

Our department is committed to creating an accessible and informative presence on social media to best serve the needs of the public as well as our police department.  We are currently active on Nextdoor, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Neighbors by Ring, Threads and YouTube!