Local Business Tax Receipt (LBTR)

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Welcome to your Local Business Tax Receipt service center for local businesses operating in Pembroke Pines. The City of Pembroke Pines continues its commitment to provide guidance and information to new and existing businesses located in our City.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at sschauer@ppines.com, or edgomez@ppines.com or call 954-450-1062, Monday through Thursday, 7 AM to 6 PM.

Before you apply for a commercial local business tax receipt you must apply for a Certificate of Use (CU). Click here to read more.

Below are links to application forms for Commercial or Home-based businesses.

Local Business Tax Receipt (LBTR) Home-Based business application form-Fillableabout undefined***
Local Business Tax Receipt (LBTR) Commercial application form with Building Permit Affidavit-Fillable
Information Sheet-English
Information Sheet-Spanish
Handyman Survey
Salon Services Affidavit

Affidavit of Acknowledgment for Building Permit form.  This new form is included with the commercial LBTR application to determine if a business owner/tenant is planning to perform any renovation that would require a building permit. It is important to make this determination up front to minimize delays in the processing of your LBTR application if you do NOT need a building permit.

Special Events Package

Please submit the Special Events Package in person or via Overnight mail 3 weeks prior to the event date along with a payment of $200.00, payable to the City of Pembroke Pines.



***We quote fees according to lease date, price may change ***
Please follow the following instructions to apply for your LBTR.

1.     Complete the application (pages 1 & 3) (make sure the application form is notarized)
2.     Copy of executed lease agreement WITH floor plan or drawing.
3.     Print out of Business Name Registered on www.SunBiz.org
4.     Copy of Federal Tax ID Number from IRS (FEIN)
5.     Copy of state/ county license if required
6.     Copy of Owner Driver’s license
            ****Make the payment payable to “The City of Pembroke Pines”
            (Temporary Checks are NOT accepted.)**** 

            ****Please refer to information sheet if you have additional questions **** 



***The Home-based Local Business Tax Receipt application form relates to a home based business. Please be sure your Driver’s License or State ID reflects your Pembroke Pines address before submitting your application*** 

1.     Complete the application (make sure the application form is notarized)
 2.     Print out of Business Name Registered on 
3.     Federal Tax ID Number from IRS (FEIN)
 4.     Copy of Owner Driver’s license
5.     Payment – Contact the Local Business Tax Office at 954-450-1062 so that you can be provided with a fee quote.  Fee must be mailed in with application.
 6.     Make checks payable to “The City of Pembroke Pines”. Mail or FedEx  all required documents with payment to the  attention of “Shari Schauer” at the address below.

Shari Schauer, Local Business Tax Administrator
 City of Pembroke Pines
601 City Center Way, 4th floor
 Pembroke Pines, FL 33025