Building Department

***NEW ONLINE SUBMITTAL PROCESS*** email address is no longer available for intake as of May 25, 2020. An automatic email will provide updated Process and Procedures. (see below)


Contractor Registration

It is the objective of the Building Division to protect resident consumers in Pembroke Pines from unlicensed contractors. This is accomplished by verifying licenses, insurance, and registration requirements for contractors as required by state, county, and municipal codes.
Please send all Contractors updates via fax (954)435-6749 or via email address

Permit Processing & Verification

Our commitment to the residents of Pembroke Pines continues through our permit processing and verification procedures. These procedures are designed to authenticate the permits obtained for labor covered under the Building Code and using the mandatory Florida Board of Rules and Appeals guidelines to perform high-quality field inspections.

**Online Submittal Process**

  • We accept online submittals for residential re-roofs, water heater replacements, air conditioning replacements, electrical panel and service repairs. is no longer available for submittals. 

For more information please Learn more about online submittal

  • We do not accept plans with highlighting.
  • The Building Department has a new Permit Fee Schedule. Access new Fee Schedule. In Accordance with the New 2019 fee schedule, a submittal fee of $100 - $500 is required upon submittal (acceptable forms of payment include debit/credit card, check, or money order payable to CGA). A Revision fee is required upon EACH submittal (original submittal, 1st correction, 2nd correction, etc.)

For permits applied for after August 3, 2009, click the icon below: