Lien Search


When various fines, fees, or charges remain unpaid by property owners, the City can exercise its legal right to place a lien against an owner's property to ensure the eventual collection of an unpaid amount. Interested parties, such as title companies and individuals, can request the City to check its records for outstanding liens against a property.

Lien Searches

The City checks for the following liens:
  • Utility
  • Code Enforcement
  • S.H.I.P
  • Special Assessment

Request a Search

To request a lien search online use our online Lien Search Program.

To submit a manual search, please complete the Lien Inquiry Form and return it to:
City of Pembroke Pines
Finance Dept, Third Floor
601 City Center Way
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025


If you have questions about liens, please contact Administrative Support at 954-450-1070. Support office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For updates on upaid Utility bills, please call 954-518-9000.

For outstanding code violations (including violations that have not yet reached the lien status), please call 954-431-4466.


Note: The information we are providing refers to encumbrances that may exist on the property. Please contact the Building Department for open building permit searches. There may be other encumbrances against the property imposed by Broward County. Please contact the appropriate Broward County agency to obtain information about other encumbrances.