Common Code Violations

Common Code Violations

Maintenance of Yards and Vacant Land

Excessively high grass and weeds are prohibited. Yards should be mowed regularly, including vacant land. Edge the perimeter of the property, including the sidewalk.

Maintenance of the public right-of-way, including the swale, sidewalk and curb, is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. The swale should be maintained with live vegetative material such as grass or plantings. Dirty or mildewed sidewalks should be cleaned.

Dead trees and limbs must be removed from the property. Swale trees are to be trimmed to a level of 8ft above the sidewalk and 10ft above the street. Removal of most types of trees require a permit from the Planning, Zoning and Landscaping Department; please contact 954-392-2100 or Email

Property Standards

Maintain the exterior to avoid blighting influences on neighboring properties. Surfaces requiring painting shall be kept painted and evidence of weathering, such as mildew or peeling, must be removed. This is to include exterior walls, doors, fascia, soffit and trim.

Pools shall be maintained with clear water and free from presences of insects, algae or other unsanitary conditions.

Refuse and Debris

Regular garbage service shall be maintained to avoid creation of an unsanitary condition.

Garbage receptacles must be stored in the side or rear yard, except when placed out for scheduled pick-up. May be placed out 6:00 p.m. the day preceding the regularly scheduled day of collection and shall not be permitted to remain past 10:00 p.m. of the collection date, providing, further, that the customer/property owner shall ensure that all containers are stored and kept in a clean condition and inside a structure, or in the back yard, or at least ten feet behind the building line, whenever possible and practicable, in the side yard or screened from view from the street and adjacent properties except during collection

Outdoor storage of hard junk is not permitted. Hard junk includes appliances, furniture, vehicle parts, wood, scrap metal and the like. Items should be stored inside a wholly enclosed structure or disposed of properly with monthly bulk pick-up.

Bulk pick-up is twice monthly. Check with Utilities for your zone and time.

Parking – Vehicles, Boats, RV’s
All vehicles parked or stored on private property must be maintained in movable condition with all tires inflated. Vehicles must not be supported with jacks or blocks.

All vehicles are to have current registration.

All vehicles, including boats and RV's, must be parked to City Code. Boats and RV's may be parked in the side or rear yard, where accessible. They may be parked in the front if they meet certain setbacks. Only one boat, RV or trailer per property is permitted. Special-purpose vehicles such as race cars, swamp buggies and the like must be stored in a wholly enclosed garage.

Commercial Vehicles

No person shall park, cause to be parked, or allow to be parked upon property owned or under the control of that person, or in the streets, alleys, or parkways of the city, any trailers having a length greater than 30 feet measured from the hitch to the rear of the trailer, tractor trailers, tow trucks, trucks having a box cabinet, a platform, a rack, a lifting device, a ladder or bucket or aerial device, a refrigerated box, a utility bed, or having any other equipment for the purpose of carrying goods other than personal effects of passengers or performing any work of a commercial nature.

Construction Issues

Most construction requires a permit; however, there are exceptions for some installations and minor repairs done by the property owner. Contact the Building Department at 954.435-6502 for additional information.

Construction noise is generally between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm, unless for a public works transportation or utilities project approved by the City.