The Rescue Division oversees the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided by The Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue Department. Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) services are provided by certified Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians and Firefighter/Paramedics, licensed to operate under the Department’s Medical Director, a licensed physician. All personnel receive monthly training on a variety of EMS related topics, which include emerging trends in emergency medical services and patient treatment modalities. 


Emergency Medical Services are provided out of six fire stations, strategically located throughout the community for rapid 911 emergencies responses. Typical 911 emergency response units include a minimum of three Fire Rescue personnel on an ALS transport vehicle equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment medical equipment to provide life saving measures in a pre-hospital setting. In addition, all Fire Suppression vehicles are equipped with ALS equipment to provide additional support and medical services. Fire Department Annual Report


The public plays an important role during a medical emergency. Their ability to recognize medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, stroke, and other life threatening conditions is the first link in the Chain of Survival. The Pembroke Pines Fire Department is committed to public safety education and CPR training offering various levels of American Heart Association (AHA) training courses, which include Friends & Family, Heartsaver/First Aid/AED, and BLS Healthcare Provider.  

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