Pines Pal


Who is Pines Pal? 

Did you know that the slash pine tree (aka Pinus elliottii var. densa), native to the Florida landscape, is the official tree of the City of Pembroke Pines? These stunning conifer trees have a very rapid growth rate which is why they are a valuable southern pine for reforestation projects and timber plantations throughout the southeastern United States. The slash pine has great economic value as a timber tree for lumber, pulp and paper, and formerly for the production of turpentine and resin. Its common name, slash, is derived from the method of extracting the resin from the trees by scoring or slashing the trees to start the resin flow, as well as its typical “slashes” habitat – swampy ground overgrown with trees and bushes. It is noted for its hurricane wind resistance.   


Pines Pal, created to represent the City of Pembroke Pines’ official tree the Slash Pine, loves helping you.  When you need help finding information on the website, please ask Pines Pal.  This is not a live chat so you will be directed to the area on the website that best answers your question.