Where is the closest fire station?
The City of Pembroke Pines operates six fire stations, strategically located throughout the City. From east to west they are:
  • Fire Station #33 – 600 SW 72nd Avenue (East side of North Perry Airport)

  • Fire Station #69 – (Headquarters) 9500 Pines Boulevard (Just east of Palm Avenue)

  • Fire Station #89 – 13000 Pines Boulevard (Corner of SW 129th Avenue)

  • Fire Station #99 – 16999 Pines Boulevard (East side of Sedano’s Plaza)

  • Fire Station #79 – 19900 Pines Boulevard (Just west of the Alhambra development)

  • Fire Station #101 – 6057 SW 198th Terrace (Stirling Road, west of NW 196th Avenue)

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11. Where is the closest fire station?
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