How are educational institutions responding?

Here are a few resources. (This may not necessarily include all Public or Private Charter Schools, Parochial and other private schools.) Click each title for information from that group. Please call schools directly to obtain information on their procedures.   

  • Pembroke Pines Charter Schools:  The actions of the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools Governing Board will only apply to the four elementary schools, three middle schools, and one high school in which they are responsible.
  • Broward County Public Schools:  The actions of the Broward County School Board may apply only to the schools in which they govern. Click this Parent Guide for details.  COVID19 Parents Guide 
  • College and Universities: There are multiple institutions of higher education including community colleges, state colleges and universities as well as private colleges throughout Broward County. This resource contains the link to most institutions within the State of Florida.
  • CDC Regarding Schools:  You can help protect your family from COVID-19 by practicing and promoting everyday healthy habits. If an outbreak occurs in your community, your school may dismiss students to prevent further spread of the virus. 
  • Florida Department of Education

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5. How are educational institutions responding?
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