Is there a Ceremony fee?
There is a setup fee of $750.00 for the ceremony; the fee will include columns for centerpieces, chairs and the use of our ceremony room for 30 minutes prior to the reception.

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1. What is needed to secure my date and reserve my space?
2. What are the minimum and maximum number of guests that can be accommodated at Pembroke Lakes Country Club?
3. Is there a Ceremony fee?
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5. Are there any restrictions on decorating the rooms?
6. Can we provide a microphone for my Officiant?
7. How early can I have my vendors come to decorate and set up for my reception?
8. Do I have a choice of my linen?
9. Can I use my own vendors (i.e Florist, Entertainment, and Photography)?
10. What are the sizes of the tables?
11. Can we choose two (2) entree selections?
12. Can I extend my reception?
13. Can I taste the food?