Upcoming Events

The Carl Shechter Southwest Focal Point Community Center Campus provides numerous affairs and fundraising events throughout the year "free of charge" to the general public. Examples of happenings here at the SWFP include our Flea Markets held quarterly, our annual Holiday Open House, themed Tea Parties and monthly themed dinner dances with live entertainment are offered at a minimal charge. The Carl Shechter Southwest Focal Point in conjunction with local and Charter Schools and city departments organize a food drive each year to provide Pembroke Pines residents who may be in need of assistance with a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner.

Covid-19 has placed a halt to a variety of programs previously held at our center, but they are slowly resuming as health and city guidelines permit to do so.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to our members and strive to make these events joyful and exciting for all.

Please see our list of events:

Holiday Open House 
Flea Markets 2023
Flea Markets (flyer)
Flea Market Application 
Tea Parties

Please see our current listing of all events.