In addition to the standard equipment found in most Pembroke Pines police vehicles, members of the Traffic Unit are equipped with a number of items specific to their duties:

  • Alco Sensor portable breathing machines
  • Laser activated speed measuring devices
  • Total Station Crash Scene Equipment to measure evidence and map an entire crash scene
  • Window tint meters
  • Impairment goggles to simulate how peripheral vision, depth perception, and judgement are compromised when under the influence
  • Vericom 2000 to calculate a vehicle's minimum speed

Smart Trailer

The Pembroke Pines “Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer” (SMART) assists our officers in promoting speed limit compliance within neighborhoods, school zones, construction sites, and on at-risk roadways. SMART is a portable, self-contained speed display unit that can be towed from site to site, as needed. The trailer captures data relative to the number of cars compared to the length of time, the number of cars compared to the average / highest / lowest speed, and captures many more statistics gained from the motoring public.


Members of our Motor Squad are assigned Harley Davidson FLHP Police Road King. The motorcycles are outfitted with specialized equipment and performance accessories specific to law enforcement. Our motorcycle officers participate in monthly training exercises to promote rider safety and improve proficiency. Motorcycle officers often participate in a number of dignitary escorts, school demonstrations, and other community events.