Our Philosophy


The City of Pembroke Pines Early Development Centers are dedicated to providing a stimulating and enriching age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate education for young children. Our mission is to offer quality, cost-effective professional services, improving the welfare of our children, empowering their families, and strengthening our community.


The predominant purpose of education is to give each child the opportunity to reach his or her full capacity to succeed. The goal of our Early Development Centers is to “nurture every child’s potential.” By educating the entire child, we open doors, open minds, and open possibilities, enabling the child to reach their full potential intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Our curriculum is directed to nurturing the whole child in a caring community conducive to teaching and learning.


  • To provide a warm and nurturing climate built on trust and communication
  • To provide an environment that will foster the development of confidence and high self-esteem
  • To provide the opportunities for development of social skills
  • To provide the opportunities for development of respect towards others
  • To encourage independence and creativity
  • To stimulate motor skills
  • To encourage children to deal with their emotions and feelings
  • To stimulate the development of cognitive skills
  • To provide the opportunity for acquiring and refining language skills
  • To teach responsibility for individual actions and consequences that may follow