East Campus

Welcome to The City of Pembroke Pines Early Childhood Learning Program. Here you will find a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment with experienced, educated, and caring teachers.


The City of Pembroke Pines Early Development Centers are dedicated to providing a stimulating and enriching age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate education for young children. Our mission is to offer quality, cost-effective professional services, improving the welfare of our children, empowering their families, and strengthening our community.

Our Philosophy

Research has shown that most of the child’s potential for learning is established by age 6. During these early years, children need a stimulating environment which will enable them to build their own knowledge through many and varied opportunities to see, hear, smell, taste and feel. This includes opportunities to be “little scientists”, to explore and experiment, to question and guess, to fail and try again.


The staff has been carefully selected. They are here to guide and encourage children to reach their full potential intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.


Everyone on staff has completed a 45-hour in-service training. This training familiarizes staff with regulations and safety precautions observed in early childhood learning centers. The staff has undergone a background screening and fingerprinting process, which is monitored by the Department of Children and Families and Childcare Licensing and Enforcement.


As part of their continuing education, all staff is required to attend 10 hours of in-service classes during the school year. We welcome your suggestions and offer our knowledge to help you make this important decision about selecting a quality early childhood learning program. We hope to see you and your child soon! We provide a wide range of activities designed to build the basic concepts underlying math, reading, and science, thus helping to develop the necessary thinking skills needed to discover the joy of learning.


Throughout the school year our children participate in the Swim Central Water Safety Program, Broward Police Stranger Danger Program, and the Pembroke Pines Fire Department Stop, Drop, and Roll Program. These programs were implemented into our curriculum to increase water and personal safety awareness in staff, parents, and children.


Our campus hosts several annual events including our Fall Parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Mother’s Day Breakfast, and our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Program last day luau.


We believe that families that read together grow together. Our Bookworms family literacy take-home program allows children to take home a book and guide with activities that promote family interaction and literacy.


At the East Campus our goal is to provide our children with a safe and structured environment with hands on activities that challenge and stimulate every child’s mind. We encourage our children to discover, create and express themselves freely.
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