Dive Team Unit

The Pembroke Pines Police Department Dive Team, assigned to the Operations Bureau, is comprised of highly motivated and trained officers which are overseen by a supervisor and one Dive Master. Members are responsible for search and recovery operations for the numerous lakes and canals within the City limits.


Members of the Dive Team are selected from all bureaus of the Police Department. Members assigned to the team work their normal duties and respond on an “on call” basis to any water-borne incidents.
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Each member applying to the team is required to have a minimum of an Open Water Certification from a nationally recognized dive organization. Once appointed to the team, each member attends underwater police science and technology training. Additionally, team members attend advanced training in search and recovery, dive rescue, and limited visibility diving.


The Dive Team trains monthly, and are activated for call outs and major events. All Dive Team officers are trained as Emergency Oxygen Providers.


The Dive Team was established in 1979 and currently has two dive boats. Each team member is issued their own personally assigned dive gear, which they carry with them. Along with the personal gear, the team is also equipped with an assortment of support gear. This gear includes underwater cameras and video equipment, underwater communications equipment, metal detectors, and numerous other tools to assist in search and recovery operations and the collection of evidence for court presentation.