Recycle Transition

Now through January 1, 2022, all waste and recycling programs shall remain as it currently is, and recyclable material will continue to be sent by Waste Pro to the Reuter Recycling Center.  As a result, the City of Pembroke Pines continues to ask residents to source separate their materials between their garbage and recycling carts through January 1, 2022.  For more info, please click here.

Learn more about the usage of the carts, and what is permitted inside.
Recycle Carts

Collection Days

Single-family homes receive recycling pickup once a week. Your recycling day will occur on one of your garbage collection days. Please see schedule listed below:
Day of Week
Area Collected
  • Dykes Road west to US Highway 27
  • South side of Pines Boulevard

  • NW 196 Avenue west to US Highway 27 (including Holly Lake MHP)
  • North of Pines Boulevard (including Durango Ranches and The Trails)
  • Palm Avenue west to Dykes Road
  • South side of Pines Boulevard

  • I-75 west to Dykes Road
  • North side of Pines Boulevard
  • University Drive west to Palm Avenue
  • Pembroke Road north to Sheridan Street
  • Dykes Road west to NW 196 Avenue
  • North side of Pines Boulevard (including Stoneridge Lake Estates and Laguna Isles)
  • Palm Avenue west to I-75
  • North side of Pines Boulevard
  • Florida Turnpike west to University Drive