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2021 ​Programming
2021 Programming

Current Exhibitions

2021 Dichotomy small

The City of Pembroke Pines presents Duality: The Dichotomy of Being, the latest virtual art exhibition produced by Studio 18 in the Pines. This transformative piece explores the dualistic nature of the human experience through the ever present polarities of the physical and metaphysical worlds. We invite you to join us on an inquiry of the self, led by Lori Arbel, Jillian Blake, A. Emmanuel, Sandra Encaoua, Hope Ezcurra, Janet Gold, Carla Golembe, Reinaldo Lozano and Marki One. Duality will be on exhibit from January 15th to March 3rd.

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Studio Space Information

Studio 18 in the Pines offers affordable space for emerging and mid-career artists. Inside studios range in size, are well lit and have sinks. The outside work spaces are perfect for large scale sculptors, welders or wood workers. Resident artists, participate in exhibitions throughout the year which draws hundreds of people and enjoy 24 hour secure access and the ability to teach their craft in classrooms and have full use of the artists’ lounge. Artists interested in studio rentals must complete a juried artist application and submit for approval. Classrooms are also available for rent.