25 Year or Older Building Safety Program

In accordance with Section 110.15 of the Broward County Administrative Code of the 2020 Florida Building Code (FBC) and BORA Policy #05-05, the owner of the building is required to have the building inspected and a report of the inspections prepared to determine the structural condition of the building and the condition of its electrical systems. The inspections must be performed, and the report submitted by a Florida registered professional engineer or architect.

If repairs or modifications to the building are necessary according to the report, the building owner shall have one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date of the report to correct such structural and electrical deficiencies. All required repairs and modifications to the building are subject to approval of a building permit. In addition, a Florida professional engineer or architect must re-inspect the areas noted from the original report and provide the building owner a signed and sealed letter stating that all corrections have been completed. In turn, the building owner shall submit this letter to the City Building Official.

Failure to submit the required Re-Certification Report within ninety (90) days from receipt of this letter will result in the issuance of a Notice of Violation as set forth in Florida Statutes Section 162. In the event the building is not repaired or modified as required, the building may be deemed an unsafe structure and unfit for occupancy, vacated and possibly demolished.


  1. The owner/agent is responsible for submitting the report. 
  2. One structural and one electrical report is required per building.
  3. A $130.72 review fee is required for each report.
  4. Create an on-line account in our CSS portal to upload all required documents.
  5. Refer to step by step guide on how to register and apply online to upload all required documents through the Development Hub.
  6. Once your account is created you may contact the Building Department for assistance to gain Access to the Permit Provided on the Notification Letter, 954-435-6502 or pinespermits@cgasolutions.com. If no work is required, the file will be closed archived.
  7. If repairs are required, a building permit must be applied for each discipline separately by a licensed general contractor and electrical contractor in accordance with all the provisions of the Florida Building Code. Permit fees for the work are subject to the cost of the repairs in accordance with Pembroke Pines current fee schedule.
  8. Once Repairs are complete, an Updated Report is required to Satisfy the 25 Year Safety Program.