Mayor Frank C. Ortis

A resident of Pembroke Pines since 1977, Mayor Frank C. Ortis has a long history of service to the community. He was elected to the Pembroke Pines City Commission in 1996 and served as Vice Mayor in 1998 and 2002. After serving two terms as City Commissioner, he was elected Mayor of the City of Pembroke Pines in 2004 and re-elected in 2008. In 2012, he was elected unopposed to a third term as Mayor of Pembroke Pines. In 2016, he was once again elected unopposed to a fourth term as Mayor of Pembroke Pines, and in 2020 Mayor Ortis was re-elected.

“I like making a difference and helping people with their concerns,” said Mayor Ortis. “This is a great city to live and work in, and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it.”

He has served and currently serves on numerous boards and committees, including being on the Board of the Broward and Florida League of Cities; Serving on the Florida League of Cities Legislative Policy Committee; Chair of the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) Committee on Jobs, Education and the Workforce; the USCM Vice Chair for Sports and Recreation, Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment and Sports; and the USCM Advisory Board; on the Broward County Workforce One Development Board; and on the Board of the United Way of Broward County..

He is also the recipient of many awards, honors and recognition for his work as a civic leader, including being a recipient of the 2019 Florida League of Cities Home Rule Hero Award, and being named the 2013 winner of the prestigious E. Harris Drew Municipal Official Lifetime Achievement Award, sponsored by the Florida League of Cities, which recognizes and honors a local elected official who has made a lasting and worthwhile contribution to the citizens of Florida through their efforts and dedication in the performance of their duties on the local level.  He was also presented the 2012 Public Leadership in the Arts Award; and was named the Cities of Excellence “Mayor of the Year” by the Florida League of Cities.

Mayor Ortis graduated from the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. He lives with his wife Barbara in Pembroke Pines.