Our Covid Response

Dear Parents:

We reopened our facility to children on Monday, November 2, 2020. Parents are not be able to walk their child to their classroom during drop off or pick up their child from their classroom during dismissal. They are required to park in the parking lot and come into the building, wearing a mask, just inside the front door to drop off/pick up their child. We encourage the same parent or designated person to drop off and pick up the child every day.

At the drop off table, our GERM STOPPERS take your child from you, check their temperature and yours (a child with a temperature above 100 degrees will not be admitted to the facility). Please give your goodbye kisses and hugs to your child before handing your child to a GERM STOPPER.

Parents are required to complete a short health questionnaire about their child daily. Parents must be on the alert for signs of illness in their children, and keep them home when they are sick.

Our GERM STOPPERS make a visual inspection of the child for signs of infection, which could include flushed cheeks, fatigue, extreme fussiness, etc. Parents and children are required to disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer at the hand hygiene station set up at the entrance of the facility.

The following areas are the main goals our school will use to safely return to traditional instruction:

      * Cleaning and disinfection practices

      * Daily hygiene within the classroom

      * Illness monitoring/temperature checks

      * Modified school procedures

      * Face coverings are required for staff and students 2 years old through 4           years old.

 To ensure the health of all individuals within our community, monitoring and implementing new safety practices to manage the general wellness of our community will be important for ensuring a healthy school campus.

You may contact the Florida Department of Health at 954- 412-7300, if you need information and guidance on COVID-19. Additional information is available on the CDC website. 

Susan L. Cohen, MS

Early Childhood Education Administration

Site Supervisor