Virtual Presentations

The Caribbean Instagram PostAs Caribbean American Heritage Month draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to uplift and recognize the vibrant influences that contribute to the diversity of our cultural heritage. The islandic motifs in our close out visual celebration, ‘The Caribbean’, salute the culture, heritage, perspectives, and experiences of our not-so-distant neighbors. Leave your passports at home and join us on a journey across the boundless blue!

Art in the Golden Years
Join the City of Pembroke Pines and Studio 18 for a virtual exhibition in our community art space, Pines Square. Through “ART IN THE GOLDEN YEARS”, we celebrate the talents of individuals who provide ageless artistic inspiration in our community. Art students at the S.W. Focal Point Community Center share their work and inspirations with us. Featured artists include; Andrew Arecco, Mercedes Azaceta, Harriet Bleiweiss, Janet Carlson, Ona Depaola, Robin Lemo, Rhonda A. Mills, Suzan Moyers, and Richard Widows.
Bonnie Robinson_Artist Spotlight_Graphic (002)
Join the City of Pembroke Pines and Studio 18 as we celebrate International Women’s Month with an exploration of ‘The Feminine Spirit’. We spoke with Studio 18 resident artist, Bonnie Robinson, about her work regarding women. 

Through this question and answer piece, Bonnie expresses both her experiences, inner concerns, and desires. In her own words, ‘The feminine spirit is the spirit of creation. It is based on a philosophy of living from the inside out; an expression of the heart, mind, and spirit of women.’  Through her work, Bonnie acknowledges the existence of her feminine spirit and emotion in order to reveal a primal truth: that she has been created in heart, mind, and spirit; therefore, she is compelled to create with heart, mind, and spirit.

Flaming Wings_Instagram Post

The City of Pembroke Pines and Studio 18 give you a glimpse into the life of a working artist during the height of the pandemic with the presentation of Flaming Wings”

What happens when the material world pushes your creativity to new limits? Like a phoenix from the ashes, you rise.  Join Dawn V. as she shares the process she used to maintain safety and sanity while creating a large-scale project for a local client.

Duality Supplementary Posts_Instagram

Meet the nine innovative artists behind Studio 18’s current exhibition, Duality: The Dichotomy of Being. Each artist lent their talents to explore the dualistic nature of the human experience through the ever present polarities of the physical and metaphysical worlds. In the coming weeks we’ll be taking a closer look into their artistic processes, inspirations and techniques. Keep a close eye on our social channels for updates! We also ask that you engage with/follow the artists on social media and their respective sites; Duality is merely a snapshot of the creativity they have to offer.

Black History Month Artist Spotlight Judy Darucaud (002)

Join the City of Pembroke Pines and Studio 18 as we celebrate the many accomplishments and contributions made by the African Diaspora in our community. Step into ‘Endless Possibilities’ as we take an inside look into the creative world of Studio 18 resident artist Judy Darucaud. Through this question and answer piece, Judy shares a glimpse into a world filled with color and magic. Judy was barely 7 years old when her parents immigrated to the U.S. She keeps the spirit of her heritage alive in the imaginative oil paintings she produces. Through her piece ‘Colorblind’, Judy attempts to tackle the world’s ongoing race problem with a spirit of celebrating our differences and commonalities with a spirit of childhood innocence we all could emulate.

Visual Harmonics

As part of the Studio 18 in the Pines fall exhibition 'Welcome Home', resident artist Beth Amato shares her animated work that was created while working with musicians, spoken word artists and writers. Visual Harmonics” is the series of animated works and prints inspired by the sounds, words and emotions evoked by the collaborating artist Griffin Anthony in his music piece ‘Someday’. Beth’s images, printed on recycled aluminum using dye sublimation, are made using frames from these animations and combined with all types of mixed media elements that fit with her vision for the composition.
agnes and phil
Agnes and Phil
Coald Feet-Daniel Johnson
Mortal Man/Coal'd Feet