Studio 18 in the Pines showcases compelling and innovative artwork, and serves the community by presenting varied exhibitions, workshops and events at the studio year round. Everyone is encouraged to check back here for all exhibitions, and enjoy a year of art!

Tell Me A Story Postcard

Tell Me A Story Exhibit

Studio 18 and the City of Pembroke Pines brings you the exhibition “Tell Me A Story”

Stories have always served as a gateway to the past, brought meaning to our present, and guided our futures.

Some stories make you laugh, some make you cry, some leave you wondering…

17 diverse artists use a variety of mediums to share stories which express their experiences, imagination, and wonder.

This exhibition pays tribute to the storyteller and the art of telling a story.

View Exhibit Here

Upcoming Exhibits

Kingdom Animalia Exhibit

Since the dawn of time, the fragile coexistence between the human world and the animal kingdom, has inspired the human spirit. This continuous struggle has brought to light the best and worst of humanity. Kingdom Animalia is a celebration of the beauty, wonder and intelligence of these glorious beings.  View online exhibit here

kingdom animalia postcard

Elementum Exhibit

Studio 18 in the Pines presents the online exhibit Elementum: 
Since the dawn of time the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have not only created our existence, but also has shaped how we live our lives.

We use Earth to grow and create.
Air is vital to sustaining us and creating sound and vibration.
Fire is used in the creation of many objects we use and is even used in performance.
Water is all around and within us. Without it life would not exist and we would not be inspired by its fluid essence.

Each artist has their own interpretation of how the elements have shaped them and their work. Take a moment and explore how these creative artists have used the elements in their work and see how  humanity has emerged from its simple beginnings and has used the elements to evolve. 

elementum postcard