Bid Registration & Qualification Documents

The City has implemented a new process that is intended to make the bidding process easier for vendors that bid on multiple City projects through the BidSync website.  This process will require vendors to complete and submit the following standard forms and documents at any time prior to bidding on a project.  In addition, the vendors will be able to utilize these same forms without the need to re-fill and re-submit the forms each time they bid on a City project.  

Furthermore, please make sure to update this information on an as-needed basis so that all pertinent information is accurate, such as local business tax receipts, and any other relevant information.  

These forms will be found under the “Vendor Registration” group of “Qualifications” on the BidSync website for the City of Pembroke Pines.  Please note that the BidSync website requires bidders to complete all of these qualifications prior to being able to submit questions on any bids, therefore, please make sure to complete this information as soon as possible.

The following documents can be completed prior to the bidding process through the BidSync website and do not need to be attached to your submittal as the BidSync website will automatically include it.