Environmental Advisory Board

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  • 6:30 p.m.
  • First Tuesday of every month (Unless Rescheduled by Board)
  • Frank Gallery (2nd Floor) - 601 City Center Way, Pembroke Pines 33025


The Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) is composed of eleven (11) regular members and one (1) alternate member and is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the Mayor and the City Commission. The Board requires six (6) members in attendance at meetings for a quorum.

The City is seeking professionals, to the extent practicable, from fields that may have an environmental interest to serve on the EAB. Areas include: Architecture, Biology, Education, Engineering, Environmental Science, Forestry, Geology, Horticulture, Law or Urban Planning.

Board Vacancies:

On February 15, 2017, the City Commission passed an ordinance to re-brand the City's Landscape Advisory Board into the Environmental Advisory Board.


The EAB shall provide constructive advice and counsel to the City Commission with a broad outlook toward environmental protection and conservation in the following manner:

  • Advise the City Commission with regards to implementation of the City’s adopted Green Plan;
  • Advise the City Commission with regards to environmental sustainability and planning;
  • Review and advise the City Commission with regards to best practices in arboriculture, forestry, recycling, waste reduction and litter abatement;
  • Review and advise the City Commission with regards to regional or emerging issues such as water and air quality, fracking, dark skies, and/or airborne diseases;
  • Review and advise the City Commission with regards to community-supported agricultural initiatives or regional food supply or food deserts;
  • Review and advise the City Commission with regards to alternate transportation options such as bicycle, pedestrian, and mass transit;
  • Review and advise the City Commission with regards to wildlife and/or wildlife habitats;
  • Identify and recommend affordable strategies associated with conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency;
  • Research environmentally sound practices that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money, energy, and natural resources;
  • Make recommendations and then promote projects that beautify and improve the aesthetic of the City;
  • Provide recommendations to the City Commission on the adoption, prioritization, and implementation of initiatives, actions, policies, and public outreach and education programs to support and promote all aspects of sustainability and/or going green;
  • Research financial initiatives and resources to offset costs;
  • Develop and recommend outcome measures for green programs and initiatives;
  • Participate in city events to promote Green practices to further the Board’s mission and purpose.
  • Monitor the progress of approved initiatives and identify and address stumbling blocks to their implementation, to ensure that sustainability benefits are achieved and strategic plans to achieve said benefits are implemented in a reasonable time-frame.
  • Investigate, research, and make recommendations regarding the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System and other environmental programs and green technologies which may be of interest to the city and its residents and businesses.

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