School Year 2019-2020

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The City of Pembroke Pines Early Development Center Central Campus encourages children to choose freely from a wide range of play and learning experiences, and in doing so help them to recognize, understand and express their own emotions as well as to sympathize with the emotions of others.

The variety of experiences include opportunities for creative self-expression through the media of dance, musical rhythms and art; development of manipulative skills and motor coordination through puzzles, blocks, bikes and climbing equipment; the increase of knowledge through excursions, cooking and science activities; the development of concepts through exposure to materials which stimulate basic awareness; growth of language skills through stories, songs and dramatic play; and relaxation through water play and other quiet activities.

Calendar 2019-2020

Parent Manual 2019-2020
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Enrollment Packet 2018-2019 - No longer available, please use 2019-2020 Enrollment Packet.
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