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Building Department
Economic Development Board Meeting
The Building Department will be making an appearance at the Economic Development Board Meeting on November 16th @ 6:30 PM in the City's Senior Center (aka South West Focal Point) located at 301 NW 103 Avenue.  We will be discussing INKforce permitting system, licensing requirements, the permitting process, and major projects in our City.

Post Hurricane Irma Relief
In an effort to expedite repairs required as a result of damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the Building Department will implement the following changes to its permitting policies and procedures for 60 days, ending November 17, 2017.  This 60 day grace period will assist the residents and commercial businesses of our City in returning to normal operation and daily life as quickly as possible. 

For damages caused by Hurricane Irma, permits will be required, but fees will not be charged for:
  • A/C unit replacement
  • Structural repairs to windows and doors
  • Structural repairs for roofing
  • Existing shed replacement (must be placed in the same location as original permitted shed)
  • Structural repair/replacement (i.e. car canopies, gazebos, awnings, etc.)

Permit and Fees Will be Required for the Following:
  • All new construction
  • New structural construction for renovations, alterations, and remodeling
  • All other permits other than those listed above.

The Building Official/Assistant Building Official shall determine if other types of work shall be eligible for the above requirements, according to Florida Building Code (Broward Amendments) Sections 105.2.1 Emergency repairs and 105.2.2 Minor repairs.  For more information, please contact our Building Department at (954) 435-6502.

Contractor Verification

It is the objective of the Building Division to protect resident consumers in Pembroke Pines from unlicensed contractors. This is accomplished by verifying licenses, insurance, and registration requirements for contractors as required by state, county, and municipal codes.

Permit Processing & Verification

Our commitment to the residents of Pembroke Pines continues through our permit processing and verification procedures. These procedures are designed to authenticate the permits obtained for labor covered under the Building Code and using the mandatory Florida Board of Rules and Appeals guidelines to perform high-quality field inspections.

**Recent Changes**

Please note that the following changes have been implemented:
  • We are now accepting online submittal for water heater replacements and a/c replacements only.  For more information please click here.
  • ALL permit applications (including sub-contractors) must be signed by both the property owner AND the qualifying contractor.  To access the new permit application, please click here.
  • The Building Department has a new Permit Fee Schedule.  To access the new fee schedule, please click here.

To search job activity for permits from 2009 to present please click the icon below:

E. Eugene Adach
Chief Building Official

601 City Center Way
Second Floor
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

Ph: 954-435-6502
Fx: 954-435-6749

Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.