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Change in treatment process
Temporary change in treatment process of City's drinking water.
Starting October 01, 2013, thru October 20, 2013 The City of Pembroke Pines will temporarily change its water disinfection process (super-chlorination) by boosting chlorine with simultaneous hydrant flushing. This annual practice is to comply with the State of Florida requirements and to ensure the City's water supply is free of hazardous bacteria and hydrant sediments, which can affect the water quality over time. It also allows the water department to verify that fire hydrants are working properly and are available for fire protection.
During this time, the water may be discolored, have an odor or have an unusual taste. There could be reduced water pressure but the water will be safe to use and drink. For questions, please call the Public Services Department at: (954) 450-6900 or (954) 986-5011.