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Meet the Artists
Studio 1 - Maria Weider

Still_life_with_Teapot by Maria Weiderby_2008_thumb.jpg

I am an artist at Studio 18 in the Pines. I primarily like to paint in oils, and my subject matter can be anywhere from still life, landscapes to portraits. My painting style is European realism. I also teach classes in oil painting at the studio on Sat. and Tuesday from 10-12:30. Commissions welcomed. For more information please contact Maria at  or 954-649-4053.
Studio 2 -Angela Padron

Angela Padron Batik

Angela Padron uses a wide range of media and techniques to produce her artwork, including pastels, watercolor, digital applications, oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil, and batik. In addition to making fine art, Angela writes and illustrates children’s books and educational material. She works as an Art teacher and adjunct professor as well as a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). For more information please contact Angela at  Blog:  or Email:  
Studio 3 - Dawn Verheylewegen

Dawn V 2_thumb.jpg

Located in studio #3, at Studio 18, Dawn is known for her detailed portraits in pencil, watercolor and oil. She has been working as a professional Artist in Canada and the United States for over 20 years. She regularly participates in shows and competitions in Florida and internationally. In addition, Dawn teaches drawing classes to youth and adults at Studio 18. For portrait inquiries or class information please contact Dawn at: 954-646-8609,   or drop by her studio at Studio 18 in the Pines.
 Studio 4 - Judy Duracaud

Judy Duracaud1

I have enjoyed drawing since I could remember but I have only been painting for about 6 years. Although I have had no formal training, people say that I am blessed with a natural knack. This “knack” enables me to produce works that people admire, using oils, acrylics, and mixed media, while also allowing me to release my creative energy doing something that brings me great pleasure. In an effort to teach myself, I have poured over countless art books, and educational videos as well as endless visits to museums during my travels, and locally, studying and admiring the works of the Masters. For more information please contact Judy at or 786-797-4498.
Studio 5 - John Antczak

Lidded Vessel 1

I started taking art classes as a young man in college in 2003.  While taking a 3-D art class, one assignment was to make a bust of ourself from clay.  That was when I fell in love with working with clay. In 2006, I advanced through the required ceramics classes winning three Best in Ceramics and two Best in Show Awards. In 2009, I was one of four artists to win the Michigan Ceramics Arts Associations Scholarship. I have worked on various Community projects through the years including one for the Detroit Medical Center Children's Hospital. I now work out of Studio #5 at Studio 18, specializing in hand building techniques using pinching, soft slabs, leather hard slabs and coils to create sculptures into dinnerware.  For more information please contact John at or 954-483-6688
 Studio 6 - Jacqueline Allard

Jacqueline worked in graphic design and visual effects for many years before discovering clay. She is drawn to tropical, equestrian and magical themes crafted with a touch of wabi sabi – creating beauty in things unconventional. Her work brings warmth, color, texture, and whimsy into everyday spaces. Her vessels are constructed by a variety of techniques including slab construction, carving, coils and wheel-throwing. She uses mid-range stoneware and earthenware clays. Jacqueline can be contacted at
Studio 7 - Lori Alwine

Lori Alwine Sailfish

Admiring the light, beauty, and color that transmits through stained and fused glass is what drew me to the craI of glass art. Overwhelmed with the uniqueness and opportunites of glass, I enjoy creating my own designs, repairing and restoring, design and fabrication of commission work for residential, commercial, and historical churches. I also enjoy teaching leaded stained glass, as well as fused/slumped glass (fired in the kiln), which allows me share my love of the glass art and the beauty that can be created with a little imagination using the amazing colors and textures of glass. For more information please contact Lori at or 954-639-7053.
Studio 8 - Luis Izquierdo

Melao de cana

A South Florida native, I grew up amongst a diverse and colorful people. In a subtropical landscape the ocean and the swamp are still my playground. A self proclaimed “CityBilly”, I draw my influence from both my Cuban and Southern roots. My passion for nature, music and art is my fuel but family is the machine that drives me.

A mostly self taught Artist and Photographer, I received my education in Audio Engineering and Business from Full Sail University. But I have never stopped being a student of Life, Love and all things Art.
Studio 9 - Joni Esser-Stuart


My art is an outward expression of my inner soul which seeks beauty and truth. My creative energies are marshaled and energized whenever I come to the studio to work. I enjoy working with kiln formed glass. This medium challenges me because of its endless creative possibilities. Glass, both fused and mosaic, is intrinsically aesthetic and pleasing. My work becomes play as I transform the raw materials into the creations that emanate from my imagination. I plan to continue my passionate love affair with fused and mosaic glass through both my teaching and my art. For more information please contact Joni at  or Joni’s Glass Studio on Facebook and 205-454-0820 .
Studio 10 - Yochi Yakir-Avin

M. La Nave Va

I was born in Poland, raised in Israel where I developed my love for art. I graduated art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts "Brera" in Milan Italy. I sculpt in various materials and paint oil paintings on canvas and wood. Emphasized in my work is a hidden dialog whether it is still life or portraits. For more information about my art and art classes please contact Yochi at  or call 786-586-0732
Studio 11 - Michael Harris

Trophy Fish Michael Harris_thumb.jpg

Michael’s Waterway Series explores the transformation of two dimensional satellite views of Florida waterways into three dimensional sculptures. The inspiration for the series has primarily been the Everglades while other Florida waterways have also been incorporated. The work recreates the water flow patterns in the positive plywood form while the negative space becomes the land. Using nature as the visual starting point and incorporating a common housing material as the medium, the completed work returns the material back to its organic origins. For more information contact Michael at or email:  .
Studio 12 - Thomas DeVita


My work is about finding a harmony in dissonance. I want to force multiple "reads" of images and explore the deconstruction of their meanings. It is my pursuit to create paintings that appear both old and new, while juxtaposing overlays of images in a pastiche of my own personal semiotics. I want to embrace the "sea of visual noise", that is so inherent to our contemporary way of seeing, while preserving my conviction towards painting in the grand tradition of figuration. I am a professor of art at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Broward College, and Barry University. I teach Painting, Drawing, Art History and Graphic Design. For more information on Tom's classes at Studio 18 please contact Tom at  

 Studio 13 -Curtis Sweet
Resident Artist - More information coming soon
 Studio 14 - Beth Amato


Classically trained in traditional art, computer animation and photography, Beth Amato's work is made of traditional elements fused with technology driven elements such as frames and sequences of computer animation, photography and digital painting. This painstaking process involves combining many different layers to create one final piece of art. Her work is often printed on metal, in limited edition panels and installations, as well as limited edition stickers and one of a kind hand painted jewelry using a similarly layered process but with glass and resin as a base.  For more information please contact Beth at 954-242-2871 or .
 Studio 15 - Juan Prieto

Juan Prieto 2_thumb.jpg

I am a fine art and portrait photographer. My work always originates as a photograph. Once the images are captured I digitally enhance the files in a manner consistent with my original vision. The process starts out with a mood sketch or notes. These vary in complexity and frequently change and evolve as part of my creative process. Once a solid idea takes form I begin the capture phase. After this I use the digital darkroom to enhance the artistic intent of the image. The final process involves selecting the right media to print the image. The majority of my work is portraiture and fine art. Prints of all my work are available in custom sizes in canvas, metal and traditional paper media.
Juan also teaches a digital photography class. For more information please contact Juan at 305-457-3100 or  Email:
 Studio 16 - Debra Kasovitz


My work is about recovery. I make wall sculptures from cast paper, encaustic paint, and my own photographs. I work from discarded objects I find to cast new shapes on which I paint. The works have aspects of disintegration and regeneration, emphasized by using processes that involve fire, rust, and water. Images of nature, destroyed architecture, and lost possessions are within the wax paint, where they may transcend time. The loss of childhood and material possessions is something we all can come to terms with. However, the recovery of a sense of wonder is something worth striving for.  For more information please contact Debra at 305-610-6495 or email at or
Studio 17 -  Robyn Vegas

Eve Front

Robyn Vegas was born south of New Orleans into a strongly knit Cajun French family. Growing up she fondly remembers spending weekends in the French Quarter where she was mesmerized by the local street artists, performers and Jazz musicians. It was a unique blend of the local cultures that gave her a deep appreciation for the varied customs, back grounds and ethnicities she was surrounded by and inspired her to pursue an art career. Her philosophy on art is one that ensures that she does something not just for herself, but for others. Vegas describes herself as a “creator.” She works with paper, color pencil, ink, graphite, oil paint, collage, encaustic and mixed media. If my work touches someone else, then I am rewarded because it is meant to inspire the viewer. This goal pushes me to grow with my creativity and skill. I want people to stop and appreciate that beauty is all around them. It’s what I choose to focus on in both my life and in my art.
 Studio 18 -Ana Aguerrevere

Playa Puerto Rico

Ana Maria grew up surrounded by art and always considered her parents, to be the best art teachers she could ever have. Her exhibitions have taken place in many locations, including Caracas, Venezuela; New York, and Florida.
Ana Maria has developed her own style, working with oil as her favorite technique. Her goal, when painting, is to transmit realism through the use of bright colors, and the contrast of lights and shadows. She is currently teaching Drawing and Painting at The Art Institute of Weston, and has studio #18 at Studio 18 in the Pines.
 Studio 19 - Lynda DeVita


Lynda De Vita is an Illustrator and Fine Artist. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she received her BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and her MFA from Marywood University in Scranton, PA.  She is a Fashion Professor at Ai/MIU and creates fashion illustrations, fashion designs, illustrations for children's books, editorial illustrations, murals, and fine art. She has illustrations published in magazines and greeting cards.

Lynda has workshops at Studio18 in Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design Presentations, Children’s Book Illustrations, and Drawing. See more info at