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Compliance Report
Chapter 112.664
Chapter 112.664, Florida Statutes, requires additional actuarial disclosures from all local government pension plans, using prescribed assumptions and methods. This requirement includes: (1) annual financial statements that are in compliance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement Nos. 67 & 68, using a prescribed mortality table and interest assumption rate; (2) information indicating the number of months or years that the plan's current market value of assets can sustain payment of expected retirement benefits under the current valuation and prescribed assumptions; and (3) information indicating the recommended contributions to the plan as a dollar amount and percentage of payroll, under the current valuation and prescribed assumptions.  

Chapter 218.32(1)(g)
Chapter 218.32(1)(g), Florida Statutes, requires each local governmental entity’s website to provide a link to the department’s website to view the entity’s annual financial report.