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Building Department 

10100 Pines Blvd
Building B
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026


Name Title Email Phone
Abdill, Ira Permit Technician 954-628-3767
Adach, Edward Eugene Chief Building Official 954-628-3741
Allen, Danielle Permit Technician 954-628-3724
Amaro-Greaves, Hadasa Permit Technician 954-628-3729
Baker, Brion Permit Technician 954-628-3727
Brandes, Gloria Permit Technician 954-628-3562
Burgueno, David Assistant Building Official 954-628-3731
Carballosa, Maria Permit Technician 954-628-3723
Conkie, Daniel Electrical Inspector 754-422-1425
Crosson, Virginia Permit Technician 954-628-3742
Desharnais, George Chief Structural Inspector 954-591-2750
Deveaugh, Peter Electrical Inspector 954-444-3581
Garcia, Rafael Mechanical Inspector 954-868-0587
Gonzalez, Daniel Structural Inspector 786-200-5030
Hall, Derek Structural Inspector 954-628-3745
Hester, Tomika Permit Technician 954-628-3726
Jones-Ruff, Sherrell Permit Administrator 954-628-3725
Lewis, Craig Structural Plan Reviewer 954-628-3736
Licitra, Ted Chief Electrical Inspector 954-628-3733
Lind, George Electrical Inspector 954-297-1449
Martin, Robert Chief Plumbing Inspector 954-243-6796
Massing, Ted Structural Inspector 954-744-6831
McLaughlin, Leanne Permit Technician 954-628-3561
Miranda, Ruth Permit Technician 954-628-3730
Palacios, Tony Mechanical Inspector 954-812-1978
Paulison, Ken Structural Plan Reviewer 954-628-3740
Perdue, K-Maron Structural Inspector 813-728-4925
Rich, Dale Structural Inspector 561-301-7186
Rivera, Robin Electrical Inspector 954-673-6887
Sanchez, Roman Chief Mechanical Inspector 954-383-8922
Shea, Kathy Permit Technician 954-860-7240
Turner, Marcia Permit Technician 954-628-3728
Vaughn, Tom Plumbing Plan Reviewer 954-803-1044