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Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Name Title Email Phone
Chong, Lisa Finance Director 954-431-4330
Pendergast, Cecilia Assistant Finance Director 954-538-3683
Lu, Karin Chief Accountant 954-435-6728
Armenteros, Josie Payroll Supervisor 954-538-3681
Whyte, Lesley Budget Manager 954-538-3682
Patel, Smita Accounts Payable Supervisor 954-435-6557
Aguirra, Bob Systems Supervisor 954-435-6558
Lu, Karin Accounting Supervisor 954-435-6558
Hicks, Melinda Administrative Assistant 954-431-4330
Khan, Annie Treasurer 954-435-6558
Lau, Tammy Accounting Clerk III 954-435-6558
Wall, Vicky Accountant 954-435-6558
Laughton, Keisha Accountant 954-435-6558
Formoso, Yeney Junior Staff Accountant 954-435-6558
Gutierrez, Samantha Budget Analyst 954-538-3682
Kohrt, Tyler Budget Analyst 954-538-3682
Casas, Michael Programmer Analyst II 954-538-3682
Jamen, John Programmer Analyst II 954-435-6571
Altaire, Melanie Payroll Coordinator 954-538-3681
Kaye, Laura Payroll Coordinator 954-538-3681
Cabret, Rosemary Accounting Clerk II 954-435-6557
Dobkins, Laurie Accounting Clerk 954-435-6557
Rivera, Odermis Accounting Clerk 954-435-6557
Diaz, Lucia Accounting Clerk 954-435-6557