Fire Department


9500 Pines Blvd.
Building B
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024



Name Title Email Phone
Picarello, John Fire Chief 954-499-9600
Troncoso, Ruben Division Chief of Operations 954-499-9526
Hernandez, Jorge Division Chief of Training 954-499-9524
Teixiera, Andrew Division Chief of Logistics 954-499-9528
Lluis, Sandra Division Chief of Fire Prevention/Fire Marshal 954-499-9564
Penick, John Division Chief of Rescue 954-499-9528
Scopa, Rick Public Relations Officer 954-499-9556
Jenson-Prol, Angie Rescue Billing Manager 954-499-9530
Troncoso, Ruben Public Information Officer 954-499-9526
Hernandez, Jorge Alternate Public Information Officer 954-499-9524

Fire Prevention Bureau 

601 City Center Way
3rd Floor
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025



Fire Prevention Staff Contact Information
Name Title Email Phone
Lluis, Sandra Division Chief of Fire Prevention/Fire Marshal 954-499-9564
Hallich, Shawn Assistant Division Chief/Assistant Fire Marshal 954-499-9563
Testagrossa, Michael Prevention Captain 954-499-9561
Almaguer, Daniel Prevention Captain Plans Examiner 954-499-9557
Kemp, William "Trae" Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9562
Martinez, Mario Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9559
Bennett, Kyle Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9558
Glatz, Michael Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9554
Velez, Kathy Clerical Coordinator 954-499-9560
Ramirez, Kassandra Clerk Specialist (Part-time) 954-499-9566