Before Hurricane Season

The Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK), a joint publication from Operation Hope and FEMA’s Citizen Corps., will help you prepare financially and provide tips to reduce the impact disasters can leave you with financially.

Get Tech Ready with these technology tips -- Technology has made it easier to prepare for emergencies, but it can be unreliable during emergency situations if you haven't planned to keep your gadgets protected and charged. 

Download  Pet Owners-Emergency Preparedness Pet Kit List (PDF)  to find out exactly what items your pet needs to be ready.

Items to consider for a basic emergency supply kit.

Know Broward's Emergency Evacuation map.

Develop a family plan (including pets) for hurricane survival by holding a family meeting and discussing the hazards of hurricanes which include:

  • Protect your property:
    • Obtain the necessary materials to protect your windows and doors- shutters are a must
    • Don’t forget to secure the garage door
  • Asses for any vulnerability:
    • Check your roof and the structure of your house
    • Make necessary repairs
    • Inventory your possessions and videotape / photograph your valuables
  • Trim trees and branches and remove coconuts and other yard debris (watch out for power lines) well before a storm is approaching.
  • Protect your pool:
    • Add extra chlorine to prevent contamination and lower the water no more than two feet - completely draining or lowering the water too much may cause the pool to pop out of the ground
  • Check your generator and fire extinguisher to make sure they work.
  • Make arrangements to secure your vehicles, boat, or RV
    • Keep your vehicle insurance policy together with your homeowner’s policy
  • Identify a friend or family member (outside of the area) that will keep information about how you are doing and where to contact you should you decide to evacuate
  • Put together a hurricane survival kit complete with food, supplies and essentials.
  • Review your insurance policies now to ensure you have adequate coverage, or identify the need for additional coverage
  • Determine plans for your pets now.
    • If sheltering, pre-registration may be required