• Demucking and filling
  • Stabilized subgrade
  • Limerock base courses
  • Asphalt paving
  • Final inspection at the time of Certificate of Occupancy

Reports Needed

  • Density test reports (subgrade and base course)
  • LBR test reports (subgrade)
  • Calcium carbonate reports (basecourse)
  • Certification of type of asphalt
  • Inspection reports for all underground utility lines such as water, sewer, drainage, gas, power, phone, TV, etc.
  • Certificate that the entire pavement area has been completely de-mucked and backfilled properly with suitable material


All joints and drain fields to be inspected prior to backfill. Final inspection at the time of Certificate of Occupancy.


Alignment, depth, and pedestrian ramp details to be inspected prior to concrete pouring. Final inspection at the time of Certificate of Occupancy.

Traffic Signs, Road Signs & Pavement Markings
To be inspected at final inspection at the time of Certificate of Occupancy.


Please call 954-435-6511 for all inspections 24 hours in advance. Forward all reports to the Engineering Department:
601 City Center Way
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025

Inspection Services Guidelines
The City may, at its own discretion, request the developer to provide, at his expense, an independent engineer approved by the City for inspections on all the above items, thus reducing the permit fee to 2% of contract price including labor and materials. The following guideline requirements are developed to be followed by all agencies providing these inspection services:


  • Inspector - minimum of 10 hours per week on the field at the job site. Must have at least two years of pre-engineering college education or be a certified engineering inspector, and must have three years of directly related inspection experience.
  • Project Manager - minimum of one visit per week to the job site. Must have a degree in engineering and must have minimum of three years of directly related experience.
  • Engineer - must be a registered professional engineer in the State of Florida. Must have complete knowledge and control over the project.
Daily inspection reports shall be prepared by the inspector and shall be checked by the project manager. This report shall reflect the work performed, the work inspected / not inspected, the work approved / not approved, the problems with material, equipment, labor, workmanship, weather etc., the deviations from approved plans, specifications, and schedules, change order recommendations, field decisions, lab and field test reports / results, etc., and any questions for the engineer or the City. The report shall be signed by the inspector and the project manager.


There shall be weekly progress meetings at the City Hall not to exceed one hour duration. This meeting shall be attended by the project manager or inspector, the contractor, and the City inspector. The minutes of these meetings shall be documented by the inspector.


The engineer shall be completely responsible to enforce the approved plans, specifications, schedules, and all applicable codes and regulations, and to make sure that all necessary permits and approvals have been obtained for all agencies.