Evidence Unit

The Pembroke Pines Police Department’s Evidence Unit receives, catalogs, and stores evidentiary, abandoned, forfeited and found property in accordance with state and local law. In its air-conditioned warehouse, the Evidence Unit stores more than 50,000 items including bicycles, jewelry, office equipment, luggage, household items, electronic equipment and more.

If you have property that, by law, was held by the Evidence Unit but may now be returned to you, follow instructions found below. For more information about the Evidence Unit's operation, check our FAQ's.

Lost & Found Property

The items below have been found and turned into the Pembroke Pines Police Department, either by an officer or by a good Samaritan. All items are inspected by our Property Unit. If applicable, our Property Unit generates and mails a letter to the owner explaining we have their personal property. Found items will be held for 90 days. Any items that go unclaimed after 90 days may be destroyed/shredded or sold at public auction.

If any of the items listed below belong to you, contact our Property Department: 954-436-3237. You will be required to provide proper identification and to sign for the item in order to claim it.

DateItemCase Number
June 8, 2017Gun Barrel# 2017-037287
June 8, 2017Black Case With Kamry Tag# 2017-039865
June 8, 2017Keys# 2017-040223
May 22, 2017Knife# 2017-032882
May 22, 2017BB Gun# 2017-032858
May 22, 2017Credit Cards# 2017-033672
April 24, 2017Backpack With Misc. Items# 2017-025181
April 24, 2017Backpack With Misc. Items# 2017-026385
March 20, 2017Firearm Magazine with Bullets# 2017-018636
February 14, 2017iPhone# 2017-007593
February 14, 2017Car Keys (Volvo, Hyundai)# 2017-007593
February 14, 2017High School Class Ring (Woman's)# 2017-010579
February 14, 2017iPhone# 2017-010613
February 14, 2017Apple iPad Pro# 2017-011278
January 4, 2017Gray Roadmaster Bicycle# 2017-000111
January 4, 2017Black Huffy Bicycle# 2016-082609
January 4, 2017Purple Huffy Bicycle# 2016-082609
January 4, 2017Black / White Shimano Bicycle# 2016-076665
January 4, 2017Pink Mountain Bike# 2016-074950
January 4, 2017Diamondback Wildwood Bicycle# 2016-065482
January 4, 2017Townie Electra Bicycle# 2016-057332
January 4, 2017Red / Black Excitor Bicycle# 2016-045757

Online Auctions

After certain periods of time specified by law, the Evidence Unit may dispose of property that is no longer required to be stored. To facilitate this, the Evidence unit sells the property online at www.propertyroom.com, an online auction site specializing in property from police agencies across the country.

As part of PropertyRoom.com's service, a registration database called StealitBack.com helps users recover stolen property by matching serial numbers on stolen property with those in PropertyRoom.com's database. By cross-referencing the numbers, PropertyRoom.com determines if an item was reported stolen and returns it to the appropriate police agency. Private citizens are invited to register on www.StealitBack.com any items with serial numbers they have lost or reported stolen to their local police department. Visit www.propertyroom.com for more information about this service.

Claiming Your Property

Property that is classified on your property receipt as "Found" or "Safekeeping" (with the exception of firearms) may be claimed at the Evidence Unit during normal business hours. Please call 954-436-3237 to speak with an Evidence Technician and make an appointment. Evidence property is governed by special conditions.

Found Property

If you're listed as the owner on the property receipt, you must present a valid photo ID. If no owner is listed (i.e. Unknown), you must present proof of ownership, (for example, a bill of sale from the store where you purchased the item or a notarized bill of sale if the item was purchased from a private individual).

Found Property That You've Turned In

With the exception of firearms and contraband, found property must be held by the Evidence Unit for 90 days. If you wish to claim the property after that time (presuming the true owner has not already claimed it), you must inform the officer who took the item(s) from you. The officer will then note “Finder Makes Claim” on the property sheet. If the true owner does not claim the property within 90 days, you may claim the item at the Evidence Unit.

Safekeeping Property (excluding firearms)

If you are listed on the receipt as the owner, you must present a valid photo ID. If you're not listed as the owner, contact the officer who issued the receipt. He or she must authorize, in writing, the release of the property to you. A valid photo ID will be required when you pick up the property. It is the policy of the Pembroke Pines Police Department that Safekeeping property is held for 90 days and must be picked up within this time. Otherwise, it will be disposed of.

Evidence Property

Per Florida statute 925.11 and 925.12, if the suspect in a felony case is found guilty by jury or if they plead in court, the property must be held until the sentence has been fully served, regardless of who owns the property. If the suspect was "Acquitted" of all charges, the property can be released with written authorization from the detective or officer responsible for the case. A certified copy of a court order can also release the property at any time.

Claiming Firearms

The release of firearms is governed by how the weapon is classified: Evidence, Safekeeping or Court Ordered Domestic Injunction. If you're uncertain as to the classification assigned to your property, check with the detective or officer who is handling the case. If you need more information regarding the release of firearms and weapons, contact the Evidence Unit at (954) 436-3237.

All persons who respond to the Evidence Unit to claim a firearm are subject to a background check for prior felony convictions. Firearms may not be released to a convicted felon. If there is any question about the adjudication of a charge(s), the weapon will not be released until the issue is resolved.

Evidence Firearms

Per Florida statute 925.11 and 925.12, if the suspect in a felony case is found guilty by jury, or if they pled in court, the weapon must be held until the sentence has been fully served, regardless of who owns the property. If the suspect was "Acquitted" of all charges, the property can be released with certified copy of a court order authorizing release or written authorization from the detective or officer responsible for the case.

Safekeeping Firearms

Only a certified copy of a court order authorizing release or a release signed by an officer or detective involved in the case is acceptable.

Firearms Subject to Court Ordered Domestic Injunctions

Release requires a certified copy of the court order lifting the injunction prepared by the judge who issued the injunction. There are no exceptions.

To Obtain a Court Order For Release of a Firearm

A private attorney can arrange for a court order, or you can contact the Clerk of the Courts office at the Broward County Courthouse and request a Demand for Hearing packet. Once the packet is filled out and returned, the Clerk's office will schedule a date for a hearing. For more information, see the Clerk of the Court's web site.